From the historic seaport known the world over for her handsome, swift and seaworthy vessels comes the New Lunenburg Schooners.

Lunenburg Schooners

Dawson Moreland & Associates Ltd. is pleased to bring the building and outfitting of fine wooden sailing schooners back to the fabled waterfront of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

For centuries, this port was renowned for her fleets of Grand Banks fishing schooners – the most awe inspiring fore and aft working sailing vessels ever to put to sea – the capable shipwrights who built them, the riggers and sail-makers who fitted them and the captains and crews who sailed these fast and able vessels in the North Atlantic. We’re writing a new chapter in this remarkable seafaring story with the birth of a new class of traditional cruising schooners.

Original designs drawing upon the best, classic vessels of the age of sail, the New Lunenburg Schooners are simple, elegant cruising craft, modeled to be extremely seaworthy, sail swiftly, perform boldly and allow their proud owners to live comfortably aboard as they pursue their sailing dreams, whether that’s blue water adventures to remote islands or cruising along the coast.

Our vessels are expertly built in the tried and true, time-tested way with stout wooden planks on heavy double-sawn frames, the same techniques that created the famous “Fast and Able” North Atlantic fishing schooners Bluenose and Bluenose II of Lunenburg and the great schooners of Gloucester. We are using only the very best materials and finest durable timbers from around the world.Lunenburg Schooners

Perhaps most importantly, these vessels are designed and crafted by shipwright-mariners who share a love for tradition and the schooner rig in particular, and understand the value of both. As sailors themselves, they’ll share your dream and make it come true.

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